Broderick, T. Mogan Among First Friday Winners

Guerard, Baumann, D. Jacobs, Routhier Share Spoils

Windsor, CT — Timex Morgan, of Rochester, N.Y., and Jimmy “Bubba” Broderick, of Brookfield, Conn., were among the winners of MototownUSA’s first Bud Light 12 Pack Series Friday night features here.

Morgan preserved his Mototown 600cc micro sprint drivers points lead by winning the 20-lap feature. Morgan led the entire green-to-checkered flag headliner over “Liquid” Lou Cicconi. Cicconi, in what he said was his first dirt track appearance in 12 years, won the 10-lap heat in a borrowed car.

Anthony Nocella took third among the feature’s seven finishers and second to Morgan, a New York Modified Midget Series regular, after five of 12 Bud Light rounds run since Jan. 6. MototownUSA officials have added an April 27th finale, replacing a snowed-out December first round, to complete the 12 pack.

Officials of the indoor one-quarter-mile indoor oval moved the slated noon Feb. 17 round to 6 p.m. Friday partly to avoid clashing with the 3:45 p.m. start of the 50th Daytona 500. Track owners have also added a Friday March 7 round plus an April 19 Central New York Mini Sprint Association wingless race.

Broderick realized his 1,200cc micro sprint potential by sweeping the heat and feature. “Bubba” has been sharing the No. 5 Henchraft-Suzuki GSXR with former NASCAR Busch Grand National North racer Glenn Sullivan on alternating rounds here. Broderick, however, had to dodge a spinning Matt Gallo late in their feature.

Paul Corazzo, Sr., Richard Wood, Jr., and Matt Norrie rounded out the top four. Norrie, of W. Suffield, Conn., retains the divisional points lead. Driver/engine builder Marc Guerard, of Hartford, came from finishing last in his heat to win the 750cc micro sprint main. The No. 95 Ciammella Construction Henchraft-GSXR pilot repelled points leader William Eggimann, of S. Hadley, Mass. after taking the race lead from lap five.

American Three-Quater Midget Racing Association Driver/car owner B.J. MacDonald, of Dublin, Pa., won the heat but was unable to take fourth from racing broadcaster Jack Arute in the feature. Arute unveiled a three-foot-tall winner’s trophy for an inaugural Chowder Bowl to headling the 2008-09 12 Pack Series.

Shermann Baumann, of Moodus, was unstoppable again in Modified Lites. The No. 36 Baumann-GSXR hillclimber padded his divisional points lead over the absent Ryan Charland by taking the heat and the feature over Michael Keeler.

Darren Jacobs, of Springfield, Mass., also put the broom to his four cylinder street stock rivals. The No. 21 1995 Volkswagen Jetta pilot outpaced Joe Jacobs (no relation) and Patrick “Bracket Man” William.

Jonathen Routhier, of Canaan, won another eight-cylinder street stock main over William Reiman and Dave Yardley III. The No. 031P 1986 Canaan Auto Supply Oldsmobile Cutlass driver finished fifth in the heat to Yardley.

The 12 pack Series resumes noon Feb. 24. MototownUSA officials have also scheduled a 13-race summer series between May 11 and Oct. 19. Details are forthcoming on


Heat Winner (10 laps): Jimmy Broderick

FEATURE (20 laps): JIMMY BRODERICK, BROOKFIELD, CONN; Paul Corazzo, Sr., Richard Wood, Jr., Matt Norrie, Doug Norrie, Pat Kuerner, Marc Guerard, Justin Phillips, Matt Gallo, Brian Berger, Dale R. Friedly, Jr.; (DNF) Bill Singer.

POINTS (Top 10 Drivers After Five of 12 Features) M. NORRIE, W. SUFFIELD, CONN.-368; Wood-348; Guerard-340; Corazzo-330; Kuerner-302; Phillips-280; Broderick-268; Singer-240; Friedly-206.


Heat Winner: B.J. MacDonald.

FEATURE: MARC GUERARD, HARTFORD; William Eggimann, Peter Dance, Jack Arute, MacDonald, Edward Leclerc, Matthew Brown, Michael Parolo.

POINTS: WILLIAM EGGIMANN, S. HADLEY, MASS.-374; Guerard-368; Arute-334; Leclerc-320; Brown-280; Chester Hinkle-232; Charles Hughes-218; Ted Christopher-136; Dance-134.


Heat Winner: Lou Cicconi.

FEATURE: TIMEX MORGAN, ROCHESTER, N.Y.; Lou Cicconi. Anthony Nocella, Randy Cabral, David Morgan, Greg Smith, Jeff Rivard; (DNF) Richard Crooker.

POINTS: T. MORGAN-338; Nocella-320; Rivard-282; Lex Burritt-250; D. Morgan-244; Crooker-232; Arron Spahr-154; Matt Pupello-138; Cabral-128; Smith-116.


Heat Winner: Nick Dupre.

FEATURE: SHERMAN BAUMANN, MOODUS; Michael Keeler, Brian Peterson, Nick Dupre, Jeremy Wilcox.

POINTS: BAUMANN-390; Ryan Charland-238; Keeler and Dupre (tie)-206; Bob Charland-138; Jeremy Wilcox-122; Joseph Anselmo-76; Peterson-72; Tyler Hughes-70; Wayne Abair-68.


Heat Winner: Darren Jacobs.

FEATURE: DARREN JACOBS, SPRINGFIELD, MASS; Joe Jacobs, Patrick William, Kyle Waynner, Robert Chapdelaine.

POINTS: D. JACOBS-398; Chapdelaine-278; Brad Voglesong-226; William-224; J. Jacobs-214; Waynner-64; Fred Cheney-62.


Heat Winner: David Yardley III.

FEATURE: JONATHEN ROUTHIER, CANAAN; William Reimann, Dave Yardley III, John Yagmin, Duane Stonier, Trevor Dyer, E.J. Le Geyt.

POINTS: ROUTHIER-398; Yardley-342; Reimann-142; Yagmin-140; Rob Corey-130; Cord Becher-122; Seth Duval-120; Le Geyt-110; Jon Porter-78; Ray Hall-76.


Bud Lite Series Noon Feb. 24, March 7, 9, 16; April 6, 20, 27.

Note: All races are Sunday Noon except Fri. March 7.

Series ends Noon April 27.


Noon April 19.

13-RACE SUMMER SERIES TO START NOON MAY 11. or (860) 688-5110 for details.

Sources: Walter Elliott/Mototown USA PR

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