Rolfe, Berry and Glidden are OPS Little Guy Winners

Race Recap-OCTOBER 17, 1999

Ricky Rolfe, Steve Berry Jr., and Dusty Glidden were the big winners in the 4th annual Little Guy 100’s at Oxford Plains Speedway. Rolfe was the dominant car in the 100 lap Late Model Stock Car finale. He took the lead from Corey Morgan on lap 39 and never looked back. And nobody was fast enough to even consider a candidate to the high flying Rolfe. Richie Dearborn started on the pole and led the first two laps, and then it was Corey Morgan’s turn to led the 36 car field. He looked like he might have something for the duration, but within the next ten laps Rolfe showed his hand to the field and it was only a matter of time. And time went away quickly for Morgan who eventually fell out with engine trouble. Tracy Gordon, making his first ever start in a LMSC type car showed why he a former OPS Pro Stock Champion and multiple race winner with NASCAR’s Busch North Series. He drove Mike Pond’s entry to a runner-up finish, although no match for Rolfe. Kevin Kimball was a quick entry and finished the race third, while never in a position to contend for the top two spots. Oxford LMSC champion for 1999 Dennis Spencer Jr. was fourth after being in a position at one time to contend for the runner-up finish. Spencer Robbins rounded out the top five.

Steve Berry started the 100 lap Limited Sportsman division event in the 12th position and quickly worked his way through the field to take the lead from Tommy Ricker on lap 17. And four caution flags later he was still the fastest car on the 3/8 mile speedway and a winner in the October growing classic for the first time. Ricker led lap one and then again on lap nine before simply being out charged by Berry. Ron Smith led laps five through eight. Dave Langlais followed the front runner and got a chance to start on his flank for the final 50 laps for the restarts, but was not able to muster the run. Chris Smith, Tony Vance and Donnie Morse were the next three across the line at the finish.

Dusty Glidden was quick and just let other people make mistakes to win the Strictly Stock segment. Contenders David Haseltine, Kurt Hewins, and Shane Green all were at or near the front and all fell out of the running for a varitey of reasons. Glidden led the final six laps to score his biggest win of his short career. Mark Bowie was about the only contender through the entire race and he was second at the end. Jeff Merrill made the race on a OPS points provisional and finished third. Guy Childs and Chris Coolidge rounded out the top five.

Rich Hall took the lead on lap 20 of the 50 lap Mini Cup special event. Tom Purington started out slow and came on strong at the end to finish second, just ahead of Tom Gould who led three laps in the early going.

Don Mooney won the companion 50 lap Mini Stock race. Jimmy Childs ran second and Butch Keen was third for that event that kicked off the day of racing that brings down the curtain on the OPS season. The next OPS agenda item is the annual rules meeting on Sunday October 24 at the Staples Community Center in Oxford. The Center is located on Route 121 in Welchville, a half mile from the Route 26 intersection. The Pro Stock division is the 1 PM meeting and is followed each hour by Late Model Stock, Limited Sportsman, Strictly Stock and Mini Stock will have the final segment at 5 PM.

Sources: Oxford Plains Speedway PR

Results for Sunday, October 17th
The 4th Annual Little Guy 100's
Late Model Stock
100 laps
1 Ricky Rolfe
2 Tracy Gordon
3 Kevin Kimball
4 Dennis Spencer Jr.
5 Spencer Robbins
6 Ron Nason
7 Leon Heckbert
8 Scott Luce
9 Jim Storace
10 Richard Pelton
11 Richie Dearborn
12 David Avery
13 Tim Ferriari
14 Tracie Bellrose
15 T.J. Brackett
16 Charlie Colby
17 John Rideout
18 Henry Hudson III
19 Corey Morgan
20 Travis Adams
21 Frank Snow
22 Stacy Cahoon
23 Marc Doggett
24 Jason Larrabee
25 Ricky Morse
26 David Beisaw
27 Robbie Dole
28 Bernie Thayer
29 Cory Avakian
30 PeeWee Knight
31 Ryan Shepard
32 Mike Short
33 Mark Lucas
34 Leonard Lucier
35 Russ Nutting

Limited Sportsman
100 laps
1 Steve Berry
2 Dave Langlais
3 Chris Smith
4 Tony Vance
5 Donnie Morse
6 Archie Watt Jr.
7 Tommy Ricker
8 Pat Floyd
9 Dan McKeage
10 David Oliver
11 David Raymond
12 Dwight Sheppard
13 Bill Pinnette
14 Kenny Harrison
15 Bill Childs Jr.
16 Ron Smith
17 Bill Dixon
18 Jerry Harrison
19 Glen Bradberry
20 Joe Phinney
21 Kevin Buck
22 Mike Field
23 Terry Merrill
24 Dana Reed
25 Robbie Bodwell
26 Joe Hennesey
27 Trent Smith
28 Bob Birosh
29 Steve Wilkes
30 Doug Poland
31 Keith Stuart
32 Andy Jones
33 Richie Morse
34 Peter Oakes
35 Doug Greenleaf
36 Skip Butler

Strictly Stock
100 laps
1 Dusty Glidden
2 Mark Bowie
3 Jeff Merrrill
4 Guy Childs
5 Chris Coolidge
6 Nate Leavitt
7 Matt Hodgon
8 Butch Sidelinger
9 John Donahue
10 Steve Taylor
11 Marty LeBlanc Jr.
12 Andy Migliore
13 Darrin Kilton
14 Ed Smith
15 Keith Snow
16 David Haseltine
17 Josh May
18 Chris Warming
19 Wayne Linscott
20 Kim Tripp
21 John Drew
22 John Black Jr.
23 Zach Emerson
24 Clyde Hennesey
25 Brad Hall
26 Wayne Ambrose
27 Kurt Hewins
28 Larry Emerson
29 Scott Belskis
30 Shane Green
31 Jon Brill
32 Ken Alden Jr.
33 Jerry Freve
34 Wayne Reynolds
35 Mickey Landry
36 Troy Graffam
37 Mark Woodman
38 M.G. Severson

Mini Stock
50 laps
1 Don Mooney
2 Jim Childs
3 Butch Keene
4 Bob Mooney
5 Ron Morris
6 Ralph Felker
7 Mark Lucas
8 Steve Barker
9 Dave Mooney
10 Wayne Parkin
11 Kevin Bishop
12 Gary Norris Jr.
13 Barry Poulin
14 Chuck Thompson
15 George James
16 Gale Ellis
17 Derek Terrill
18 Dale Sanborn
19 Jim Robbins
20 Tim Grant
21 Rich Sirois

Mini Cup
50 laps
1 Rich Hall
2 Tom Purington
3 Tom Gould
4 Kyle Coolidge
5 Erwin Carey
6 Mike Skinner
7 Joe Merrill
8 Adrian LaBrecque
9 Ernest Steuber
10 Norma Marks
11 Jason Olson
12 Steve Marks
13 Jeff Coolidge
14 Charlie Marks
15 Marc Doggett
16 Dana Brocker

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