November 30, 2007

Ryan Posocco Racing Updates Fans on 2008 Plans

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We have received several emails and heard many things as to what is in store for Ryan in 2008 so we decided to ask Ryan ourselves to clear things up. Here is what the 3-time Stafford Motor Speedway Late Model champ had to say.

“As of today I have no definite plans for next year. I know there has been a lot of talk about me doing something different next year but I can assure you its just talk, I have nothing set in stone.”

“We are talking to all our sponsors who have supported us for the past few years to see what direction they want to go. It really boils down to them, what, if anything I do next year. It takes a lot of money to run these cars and without them it’s not something I can do alone. We are talking to a few new people right now and hope something becomes of that, we also welcome any new sponsors that would be interested in joining our team.”

“So with that said, once I have something definite to announce I will be sure to let everyone know, so keep checking the site in the weeks to come.”

Sources: RyanPosocco.com

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