It Was Outta’ Control At The Bowl’ During Memorial Day Madness !!

Waterford, CT — As anticipated, it was sheer mayhem in front of a full-house at the Speedbowl on Sunday evening with “Memorial Day Madness” sponsored by Deans Auto Recycling.

Things started with the “Chain Race”, a shoreline oval classic. Teams of three cars each, all chained-together, took to the track led by “Sick Rick” Whittle in his huge, notorious-looking Caddy Limousine. At the finish (and when the smoke and debris all settled), Whittle and his teammate Jason Kutzman reigned supreme, beating Wednesday Night X-Car star “Bad Brad” Voglesong and his “caboose driver” by a country-mile. Voglesong was reportidly “OK” with second, since he wins so much on “Wild n’ Wacky Wednesday.

Next on the agenda it was the first of two demo derbies, the 4-cylinder Crazies entering the “arena of carnage” before their more boisterous 8-cylinder cousins. A noisy spectacle of screeching unbridled automotive destruction ensued, but in the end only one would survive the carnage. Taking home all the marbles was Jim “Bruno The Dog” Mann, his once-proud Chrysler product reduced to a crumpled pile of recyclable scrap metal.

In the 8-cylinders, a gaggle of bloated land-yachts did battle until the “last man standing” was none other than “Smashing Steven” Dubois. His secret to victory was reportedly “protecting his nose” and hitting HARD!!!!!

Before it was trashed beyond any realm of automotive recognition, Joe “Crash” Wilkerson’s car won “Best Appearing 4-Cylinder Demo Car” as voted by the fans. Taking “Best Appearing” in the 8-cylinders was big, bad sedan of “Smashing Steven” Dubois.

After the ruckus settled in the Trailer Race, it was none other than “Bad Brad” making up for his loss to Whittle in the Chain Race. The two played a well-orchestrated game of “cat & mouse” until Voglesong finally got the best of Whittle and his big bad Caddy.

Action resumes mid-week with Round-4 of “Wild n’ Wacky” Wednesday, and on Saturday it’s a full slate of NASCAR Whelen All American Series racing along with a visit from the Pro-4 Modifieds.

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Sources: David Dykes/Waterford Speedbowl PR