Back To School Bash At Bowl’ A “Smashing” Success

Waterford, CT — Witnessed by a large, hearty crowd on Sunday night it was absolute pandemonium as the annual “Back To School Bash” turned the shoreline oval into a loud, smoky arena of mechanized mayhem.

Starting the proceedings it was the always-popular “Burnout Contest” which was won by Groton’s Mark Shafer with a high-score of 10.75, his machine emitting a potent burnt-rubber tinged smoky cloud of white fog over the facility.

Shafer utilized a Chevy 1500 Series truck in being crowned the 2008 “Burnout King”. A little worse-for-wear following the event, the winner revealed that he’d blown two gears in the transmission, but it was “screwed” anyway, so why not go for it?

In the 5-lap “Slide Race” (a Speedbowl original), it was “Bad Brad” Voglesong pitted against fellow-psycho Patrick Williams. In cars equipped with snowmobile skies for rear-wheels, the two spun & bobbled around the track in a shearing shower of sparks. Williams soundly trounced his buddy Voglesong by more than a country mile.

Next on the agenda was the “Tire Relay Race” with a veritable sea of land-yachts taking to the track. Managing to pull-off first place in the metal-bending spectacle was the formative team of Rick Whittle and Joe Lee.

Speedway Bowling saw the team of “Bad Brad” Voglesong and Patrick Williams of appearing as stars on the Pro Bowlers Tour, as they bashed their way to a victory, abusing the 55-gallon drums disguised as “pins” with unbridled enthusiasm. In his last run down the alley, Voglesong did it backwards, proving once again that he’s indeed “nuts” (but a superior showman all the same).

Looking like an armada of rejects from Gilligan’s Island, several boats were pulverized into oblivion while being pushed around the track. In the end, it was Joe Lee prevailing in his stretched Caddy Limo.

In the 4-cylinder demo it was Ed Blackwood prevailing, while it was Steve Dubois taking 8-cylinder honors.

Action resumes mid-week at the Speedbowl with the season finale of the popular Wild N’ Wacky Wednesday series. This week, the X-Modifieds go the 50-lap distance in the “Summer Sizzler” presented by Prestige Properties. Also on the agenda is the much anticipated first-ever event for the Outlaw Stocks.

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Sources: Dave Dykes/Waterford Speedbowl PR

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