Seymour the Clown Undergoes Cancer Surgery

If you attended Stafford Speedway during the 60’s & 70’s you certainly know who Seymour the Clown is. Primarily known as the Stafford Speedway Clown, Seymour could also be found at tracks from Daytona to New Jersey and New York entertaining the crowd with his antics and interaction with the drivers.

On Friday October 17th Butch underwent surgery for Colon Cancer at New Britain General Hospital and was released yesterday October 22nd and will be recovering at home for the next few weeks. According to doctors the prognosis is very good as they believe all the cancer was removed.

Butch, who cheered up so many with his stint a Seymour the Clown, could now use some cheering up of his own. Cards of cheer can reach Butch at home at:

John Farone, Jr.
1725 Berlin Turnpike
Berlin, Ct. 06037