Seekonk Speedway Opening Day Notes

While the complete opening day schedule is being completed, I wanted to get a couple of notes out for the competitors.

12:00 – 1:10 PM Practice for Seekonk divisions.
1:20 PM Pro Stock Time Trials (2 laps each-order determined by draw-best lap is lap of record)
1:40 PM Drivers meeting mandatory for ALL competitors.


2008 ARC Champions requested on track
(#30 Pro Stock, #71 LM, #80 SST, #96 SS, #01 Pure Stock)
Drivers are to line up at entrance tunnel and follow the pace car out onto the track. line up at Start/Finish line as usual in this order: PS, LM, SST, SS, PS.

PRO STOCKS will draw for time trial starting positions. Fastest time trialer will have the pole in heat one, second fastest will earn the pole in heat two, etc. A random inversion of Pro Stock heat finishes will set the feature lineup (e. g. likely to be the top 6, 8, or 10 cars). Winner of heat 1 will draw the inversion number at the handicapper’s booth.

Recent Opening Day Pro Stock Time Trials (fastest laps):
2008-#30-Fred Astle Jr. 12.431 sec, 96.436 MPH
2007-#03-Kenny Spencer, 12.525 sec, 95.713 MPH
2006-#03-Kenny Spencer, 12.700 sec, 94.394 MPH
2005-#52-David Darling, 12.531 sec, 95.667 MPH

Upon arriving at the track, please sign in with our handicappers, Marc Cunha and Chris Saunders, and notify them if you are a Rookie of the Year candidate in your division. All cars and trucks MUST sign in with the handicapper before being allowed to practice on Sund

LATE MODELS, TRUCKS, STREET STOCKS will draw for starting position in heat races. Top 6 finishers in three Street Stock heats and top 8 finishers in consi will make up the Street feature- car count permitting. A random inversion of the total top 4 or 6 finishers in heat races will likely be used to set the feature race lineup.

TRANSPONDERS: Please be sure that all transponders are turned on and operational before racing begins. If you have a question about your transponder, please speak to one of the handicappers or Race Director Dave Alburn.

SPONSOR INFORMATION: Tower personnel have been distributing press information sheets to teams at the open practice sessions. Please complete your form and turn in to Kevin Boucher ASAP to have your team’s sponsors announced. Additional forms will be available this weekend.

ROOKIES: Please be aware that MINIMUM SPEEDS will be set for all divisions. A rookie competitor who does not meet the minimum lap time in practice but draws a starting position inside the top two rows will be asked by the race director to start from the tail end of the field. This procedure, which has been in use for several seasons, was implemented to protect all of our competitors and their equipment. If you feel as though your vehicle is not up to par, please inform the handicapper and you will be assigned to the tail end of the field. Thank you for your sportsmanship.

Sources: Kevin Boucher/Seekonk Speedway PR

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