Sanchez & Sanchez pick up SYRA victories. Cestodio, Therrien and Barret also visit Victory Lane

Seekonk, MA — On Friday, July 24, Willie Sanchez picked up his first career win at Seekonk Speedway in the Seekonk youth Racing Association 600 class. In the 750 SYRA main event, his older brother Casey picked up his first win of the season as well. It is only the second time in the 64 year history that brothers have won on the same night.

The reigning Pure Stock Champion, Scott Cestodio picked up his division leading third feature win of the season. Melissa Jodat took the early lead, but was overtaken by Carlos Silvia. Silvia had his hands full with a hard charging Tom Blackwell trying to overtake him. While they were fighting for the lead, Cestodio moved to the outside and overtook the top spot on lap eight, and never looked back.

The fight for second got heated up from there. Blackwell took over for a couple of laps before 2007 champ Bill Chouinard took over. His reign in second was short lived, however, as Randy Moretti moved into second at lap 14. Randy started to close in on Cestodio, but without the aid of a caution, was left behind. Nick Uhrig was finally able to work through the traffic and move by Moretti for second with four laps remaining. Bob Hinckley moved into fourth and held on over the final laps and held off Lou Robinson.

In the 600 class, the 25 lap main came down to survival. Jason Enos II jumped out to the early lead, and set the pace until Carl Medeiros Jr moved in and dove underneath Enos for the lead. The birthday boy, who has never lost on his birthday, took over the lead on lap 8 by inches. The pair raced side by side for several laps when Dave Hutchins Jr moved into the bottom lane and made it three wide for the lead.

Hutchins started to pull away from the pair as he set the pace. The first caution came out on lap 17, when Jason Enos was spun in turn two. Jason Lascuola was sent to the rear for the assist. On the ensuing restart, while battling for the lead, Medeiros went around in front of the field. This time, it was Hutchins getting the call for the contact.

Willie Sanchez, running his third race ever, brought the field down, and never looked back. While he was setting the pace, Kaitlyn Donovan and Tyler Nailor were battling for second, with Nailor taking the spot. Hutchins worked his bay back up to third in the final order, with Donovan and Medeiros rounding out the top five. Nailor was disqualified during post race tech, moving Jason Enos II into the top five.

After watching little brother Willie win the 600 class, Casey Sanchez set out to duplicate that same feat. After two false starts, Willie Sanchez moved to the front, and led all 25 laps to pick up his first win of the season. Kyle DeSouza put some pressure on Sanchez for the first several laps, but could not keep up, and rode in second for the event.

While the front two were pulling away, the battle for third started at the drop of the green, and continued until the checkered fell. Jake Spillers and Kyle Kuchta raged a fierce battle as they ran side by side for much of the event, swapping the position several times. In the end, it was Kuchta edging Spillers for third by .044. Jacob Swift rounded out the top five.

Taylor Therrien of Coventry RI picked up the win in the all new Sport4 division.

The Allison Legacy North Series visited Seekonk Speedway for the first time, and it was Tommy Barret of Millis, MA picking up the win. Barret took over on lap three of the 25 lap feature, and held on through several restarts on his way to Victory Lane. Cody Gneiting led the first two laps, and held on for second for the first half of the race

James Logan, after a couple of early race spins, found his rhythm and took over second with eight laps remaining. While coming on strong, he was unable to catch Barret, and settled for second. Paul Tuthill finished third, with Gneiting and Sean Murphy rounding out the top five.

The Fast Friday series takes a week off, but will return on Friday, August 7th for another full night of action with the Pure Stocks, Seekonk Youth Racing Association and the Sport4 division. The Pure Stocks have been added to the Army National Guard Thrill Show on Sunday, August 2nd.

Souces: Kevin Boucher/Seekonk Speedway PR


Pure Stock Feature

Pos No. Name Laps
1 1 Scott Cestodio 25
2 11 Nick Uhrig 25
3 5 Randy Moretti 25
4 13 Bob  Hinckley 25
5 95 Lou Robinson 25
6 0 Thomas  Blackwell II 25
7 87 Jamie Salley 25
8 7 Doug Benoit 25
9 77 Carlos Silvia 25
10 9 Amy Arsenault 25
11 14 Jamie Birch 25
12 24 Dirk Eykelhoff 25
13 28 Ed Flanagan Jr 24
14 12 Mellissa Jodat 24
15 10 Melissa Charette 22
16 53 Vinny Pangelinan 22
17 8 William Chouinard 13

S.Y.R.A. 600 Feature

Pos No. Name Laps
1 6 Willy Sanchez 25
2 96 David Hutchins 25
3 95 Kaitlyn Donovan 25
4 33 Nicholas Lascuola 25
5 50 Carl Medeiros 25
6 3 Jason Enos II 25
7 9 Nate Bubello 25
8 4 Branden Dion 25
9 18 Ashley Kuhn 25
10 4 Christine Cavallaro 24
11 97 John Elderkin 16
DNS 3 Shawn Pavlik 0
DQ 9 Nailer Tyler 25

S.Y.R.A. 750 Feature

Pos No. Name Laps
1 5 Casey Sanchez 25
2 88 Kyle DeSouza 25
3 0 Kyle Kuchta 25
4 46 Jake Spillers 25
5 56 Jacob Swift 25
6 75 Adam Swift 7
7 8 Chris Igo Jr 4
8 38 Nick Ladyga 0

Sport4 Feature

Pos No. Name Laps
1 99 Taylod Therrien 10

Allison Legacy Series North Feature

Pos No. Name Laps
1 99 Tommy Barret 25
2 44 James Logan 25
3 81 Paul Tuthill 25
4 89 Cody Gneiting 25
5 26 Sean Murphy 25
6 24 Peter  Portante 25
7 17 Melissa Fifield 25
8 9x Emily Packard 25
9 33 Stevie Proc Jr 24
10 3 Kyle Poodiack 0