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Waterford Speedbowl Divisional Rule Meetings

Waterford, CT — It’s that time of year again, and you don’t want to be on the naughty list!! The Waterford Speedbowl will hold Rule Meetings for all regular Waterford Speedbowl divisions.

Any questions or suggestions you have about your respective division write them down over the next few weeks and be sure to bring them with you so you don’t forget to present them to the racing officials.

If you are new to the Waterford Speedbowl in 2010 or moving to another division then this is a great opportunity to meet the racing officials and gain some understanding about your division.
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Around the Track with Jalopy Jack

I just now finished watching the big race from Syracuse on TV. Is it a surprise that over 1/2 the contenders are dropping out in the final 10 laps, trying to stretch their refined machinery to the 200 mile limit from parts light enough to drop in a Cracker Jacks box? Fans, I have the same opinion of this race as I do most NASCAR Cup races. Maybe even more so this time around. The race is for Saturday night drivers and what should be their Saturday night cars. Yes, it’s a little different putting them on a fast 1 mile track. But I think the Saturday night drivers and the Saturday night crowd should settle this with a Saturday night format.

“Story S”: A couple of columns back I said “Story S” would continue. I will sooner and later reveal the track and its principals. For now I have 1 thing to say about it. The night I was there, the division in question [actually every official there should be in question] had 21 cars on hand for a regular distance Feature. Their big show only a few weeks later had a big 23 cars. The man they screwed promised to pull cars from that event and I believe this is proof that he did. I’d say this cost the track first and second place purse money. How important their ego must be!
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News & Notes: Morris Cements Place In History With Third Title

Philip Morris is used to battling for the championship on the final race of the season. Each of his first two national championships — in 2006 and 2008 — featured must-win scenarios when he took the track for that last race.

This time, however, it was Morris’ reign at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Va., that was on the line as he held a slim two-point lead over rival Frank Deiny Jr. Morris took care of business with a second-place finish to claim his seventh track championship at the .416-mile oval.

Morris had previously used a strong August run (two wins, a second and a third from Aug. 8-29) to wrap up his third NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national championship.
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Seekonk Speedway holds rules meetings for 2010

Seekonk, MA — With an eye toward the future, Seekonk Speedway held their annual rules meetings with all competitors on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27th and 28th. While most of the bantering was over different procedures, some changes did come out of the meetings.

The biggest change in the rules centered around the Late Model division. For the past two seasons, competitors from area speedways could come in and compete under the New England Late Model rules package, but only for up to 6 shows. In 2010, any Late Model can come in and compete for the full season, but must run either the current Seekonk Speedway Late Model rules, which will go virtually unchanged for the upcoming season, or compete under the American Canadian Tour (ACT) rules package. This will allow competitors from tracks such as Waterford, Lee USA, White Mountain and more to come in and compete for the 2010 Championship, instead of being forced to only a handful of events.

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Thompson World Series Photo Gallery

[Thompson World Series – Sunday] by Adam Fohlin
[2009 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Review] by Paul Fohlin
[Thompson World Series – Friday] by Nicholas Teto

[Thompson World Series – Sunday] by Nicholas Teto

Enjoying the Harvest

The season is over for most of us. There are a few special events to run but for the most part our champions have been crowned. How did this season work out for you? Did you take time to enjoy all you have been blessed with? Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One of the great things in racing is that we get to race. Not everyone gets a chance to do what they have a passion for. There are many that don’t have the opportunities we have been blessed with. Have you ever stopped and thanked God for all he has provided?

One of the thoughts that comes to mind this time of the year is how thankful we need to be for what we have been blessed with. We need only to look around and see others who do not have what we have.

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