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New England Truck Series New Future

New England Truck Series (NETS) officials unveiled a newly-designed logo today for their regional touring series. Series Director, Lorraine Pard, worked with representatives from Impact, a Rhode Island-based branding and promotions company, to create the Series’ new visual identity. The two-color logo blends the Series’ past with its very bright future.

The Series, which adopted the name “New England Truck Series” upon Pard’s assumption of her role as Series Director, will continue to use its traditional red and black colors. Aside from the colors, however, the design represents a departure from the past, incorporating the new Series’ name and a modern-looking race truck. Pard says that this new look represents the direction in which the Series is headed.

“We are all united by our past involvement in this Series, and by our love for the special type of vehicle that competes in this division. That is how we look at our past, but since beginning my tenure as Series Director it has been my aim to restore the competitors trust in the people, like myself, who operate this organization. Moving forward, we are going to continue to open the lines of communication with the competitors and address the pressing issues that they bring to our attention. The sport of automotive racing is changing, and we are going to have to change with it to achieve the success we once enjoyed. This logo brings all of ustogether under one banner, and helps us to forge ahead with a new visual identity,” Pard said.
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