Jay Goff Still in Search of First Career Victory as He Contends for SK Light Modified Championship at Stafford

Stafford Springs, CT — After finishing second to Michael Gervais, Jr. in the 2009 SK Light Modified championship at Stafford Motor Speedway, Jay Goff headed into the 2010 season with his focus set on taking home a championship as well as capturing his first career checkered flag. So far, Goff has himself in championship contention, but he is still in search of that elusive first victory.

“Right now, we’re on target with where we wanted to be this season,” said Goff. “One thing that has surprised me is the competitiveness of the division this year. Last year and in years past, there has usually been about 5 or 6 cars that were up front every week and could win. This year, it seems like there are about 12 or 13 cars that are up front every week and can win. It’s great for the division, it makes the racing more exciting for us as drivers and for the fans.”

Goff spent the majority of his off-season putting together a new race shop and he didn’t begin working on his car until two weeks before the season opening CARQUEST Tech-Net Spring Sizzler. The fact that Goff is in championship contention once again this season is a testament to Goff’s hard work and dedication.

“We spent most of the off season putting together a new race shop,” said Goff. “We put the car into the trailer after the Fall Final last year, made sure all the fluids were drained out of the car, and it sat in the trailer until about 2 weeks before the Spring Sizzler. We make adjustments to the car every week and we’ve been able to pick up the pace with our lap times, but as I said earlier, the entire field has picked up their times as well. Overall the car has been pretty consistent with the exception of the [TSI Harley-Davidson] night. We went back through our notes from the past couple seasons and we struggle every time the Tour shows up with the different rubber on the track. We tried something different on the car and it just didn’t work out and we had a tough race. But we were able to bring the car home in one piece and we got the best finish that we could.”

Like many drivers, Goff is in search of a primary sponsor that he thinks will help put him and his team over the top. Goff currently carries associate sponsorship from NAPA Tolland, Rob B’s Plumbing, Personal Touch Landscaping, Hamm’s Welding, and Clover Corporation.

“We’re searching for a primary sponsor,” said Goff. “The partners that we’ve had that past couple seasons that are still with us are associate sponsors and they are for the most part product sponsors. If we could get that one primary sponsor to come up with some money, we could use that towards new parts and new tires. Right now, we’re trying to get the most out of our tires and new tires are worth two or three tenths a lap, and we’re on pretty old tires at the moment. Our goal is to win the championship this year and if we could find that one big sponsor, then I think that would really help put us over the top in getting our first win as well as winning a championship this year.”

As much as Goff wants to win a race, he wouldn’t trade a championship for a race victory.

“I don’t need to win a race, but I need to win a championship,” said Goff. “I don’t have many more years left in this career so winning a championship is the most important thing to me.”

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Sources: Scott Running/Stafford Motor Speedway PR

June 2010
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