Earl Curtin III and Christine Cavallaro pick up career firsts. Taylor Therrien and Dave Hutchins Jr repeat

Seekonk, MA — On Friday, August 27, Earl Curtin III used the high line to pick up his first career Pure Stock Victory. Earl started eleventh in the 23 car field, and was able to use the high and low lanes to find himself up front. Curtin crossed into the top five on lap eleven, and into second with six laps remaining. A timely caution for Earl came out on lap 20, when Melissa Charette lost what was an eighth place run. Bill Chouinard was leading the race, and did all he could to hold off the rookie, but was they races wheel to wheel over the last five laps, Curtin was just a touch stronger. As the duo battled off turn four, they both slid high, and Curtin touched the outside wall with his right rear bumper cover. But it was not enough to slow his momentum, and he went on to edge the former champion by .018 at the finish line.

Outside pole sitter Jeremy Lambert followed Melissa Charette for the first eight circuits, but moved out front on lap nine. The Westport native was looking for his first win before Chouinard snuck in and took over the lead on the twelfth circuit. Lambert was able to get back out front for the next few laps as they swapped the lead back and forth several times. A caution on lap 16 paired them back up, and Chouinard held off Lambert and led until the final three laps.

Melissa Charette led the first eight laps. The Taunton native tried to hang out up front, but slid back through the top ten. She was sitting eights when she spun on lap 20. She was able to work her way back to sixteenth at the final rundown.

Points leader Nick Uhrig got caught in traffic early, and was only able to fight his way into fifth at the end. Randy Moretti was the fast mover of the night. Randy started sixteenth, and by the completion of lap one, he sat seventh. He made his way up to third, and spent the final ten laps swapping that position with Lambert, edging him out at the checkers. The top five were Curtin, Chouinard, Moretti, Lambert and Uhrig.

Taylor Therrien spent her birthday behind the wheel of the Sport4, and celebrated all the way to Victory Lane. It was the third win of the season for the 17 year old. Taylor moved through the 9 car field quickly, taking the lead from Ed Gould on lap 7. Once out front, she never looked back, pulling away from Gould and the rest of the pack. Dave Westgate finished third with Ken Silva and Jason Kusman, who was making his Seekonk Speedway debut.

Second generation racer Christine Cavallaro grew up with Pro Stocks, Late Models, Sport Trucks and more in her garage at home, so it was only natural for the young lade to want to follow in her fathers’ footsteps. When you dad is Mike Cavallaro, 3 time Sport Truck Champion, it can be hard to fill those shoes. On Friday, 8/27, she was able to join the list of speedway winners.

Christine moved into the lead on lap five, and set sail from there. Once out front, she was able to hold off David Lougee, Curtis Rolando, Tyler Nailor and Nick Lascoula to hold on to her first victory. David Lougee of Taunton grabbed the lead at the drop of the green, but could not hold off the determined Cavallaro. David would fall to the bottom end of the top ten in the final rundown. Following Cavallaro across the stripe was points leader Nick Lascoula, Chase Belcher, Jason Enos and Willie Sanchez.

The SYRA 750 class has belonged, for the most part, to Dave Hutchins Jr, and this week was no exception. From his fourth place starting position, Lil Hutch moved into second by lap two, and put pressure on Waterford CT’s Kaitlyn Donovan. Kaitlyn set in the lead from the drop of the green, and her only challenge was from Hutch. The Westport native moved to the outside, and raced wheel to wheel with Donovan for several laps, swapping the lead back and forth. Lap nine saw him take the lead for the final time, and he led to the checkers. He was followed by Donovan, Adam Swift, Ashley Kuhn and Nate Bubello.

Fast Friday action takes a week off for the Labor Day holiday, but will return for their final events on September 10. For more information, check us out at seekonkspeedway.com, or on Facebook.

Sources: Kevin Boucher/Seekonk Speedway PR