Yuhas Jr Takes SK Mods; Flannery Seven in a row, Hovey Jr takes Street Stocks, Corey Coates and Leonard claim first of the year

Waterford, CT — The 35 lap SK Modified race had Nichole Morgillo on the pole with Kyle James and Joe Perry amongst the top three. Perry was able to shoot by Morgillo who had the lead for just over a lap and Doug Coby began to make his move, when the first yellow came out. Perry on restart continued his lead with Coby pushing Perry and Jeffrey Paul battling for position with Coby, when a little bit of contact sent Coby into the wall on the front stretch and unfortunately for Coby he was left in precarious position and was slammed by Tom Abele Jr bringing out the red flag after just three laps. With the restart Perry still had the lead, Tucker Reynolds Jr second, and Rob Janovic Jr third, Janovic jr took second immediately and Ron Yuhas Jr took fourth from Reynolds Jr. Todd Ceravolo coming from seventh place battled to the fourth position and Janovic after lap nine was able to take the lead from Perry and Yuhas Jr took second. On lap 13 Perry was passed by Ceravolo who had his sights set on Yuhas jr and leader Janovic, but had some ground to make up. On the 18th lap Yuhas jr took over the lead, but with his battle with Janovic, Cervaolo was able to capture second from Janovic. A yellow came out for Jim Larson who spun in turn three. On the restart Yuhas Jr continued to lead, but Janovic and Ceravolo switched positions but another yellow came out as Glen Pressell III spun into the turn two wall. Yuhas Jr on restart held on to lead, Ceravolo took second from Janovic, and Tyler Chadwick making a move to get passed Janovic. With two laps to Jeffrey Gallup and Pressell came together in turn three. For Yuhas again a great restart, but Ceravolo, Janovic, and Chadwick were all involved in a incidence in turn two which shook up the standings for the restart. National champion Keith Rocco who came from eighth place after the first yellow took second, Reynolds Jr third, and Paul fourth. Yuhas saved his best for last as Rocco gave him a run for his money yet Yuhas was able to pull out the victory, and Reynolds third.

The 25 lap street stock race saw Al Stone III who is one of the key players in the championship hunt make a pit stop before the race even began. Jack Aquilina opened the race with the lead on the first lap, but Paul Coutu caused a yellow after spinning out in turn one bringing out the first caution of the race on lap one. Aquilina continued his lead after the restart with Josh Galvin takes second in lap three and eventually passes Aquilina on lap five. Plemons brings out the second caution of the race on lap 14 with a blown motor. Not even before another lap could be completed Norm Sears ends his night due to engine issues. Galvin able to maintain lead on restart but Walt Hovey Jr who came from fourth place able to take over the lead from Galvin on lap after 16 laps and opened up a huge lead and took the victory with Galvin second and Aquilina third.

Louie Bellisle opened up the 25 lap mini stock race with the lead with Bill Leonard following behind in second. Leonards was able to make his move after 18 laps taking the lead from Bellisle, Chris Williams who was in third from the start of the race as well was able to get by Bellisle in lap 20 and finally Ian Brew who was in fourth overtook Bellisle for third. Point leader Danny Field and Ken Cassidy Jr battled for the sixth position but came together in turn four with his car being towed from the scene and Field being disqualified for rough driving. Meanwhile Williams took second away from Brew who fell to third with just two laps to go and Leonard maintaining his lead.

Bill Leonard following his victory entered the 25 lap ABCDL truck race with the poll and took the lead on lap seven the first yellow came out as Doug Dunleavy Sr spun in turn one. On restart Leonard once again took the lead, Payne maintaining second but battling Keith Chapman for that second spot, but after two laps another yellow came out as Vin Esposito made slight contact with Keith Rocco and went through the grass. Leonard on another perfect restart took the lead Chapman got by Payne for second, and Payne fell to third. Payne three laps later took back the second position and started setting his sights on Leonard with 15 laps completed. A third flag came about as Esposito had a problem in turn two. Like the previous restart Leonard took the lead Chapman went to second, Payne didn’t do as well and fell back to fourth and Rocco took third, but the racing was short lived as Dunleavy Sr spun on turn four. After a false restart, Leonard was passed on the next restart by Chapman, but the lead was again short lived for Chapman, as Leonard passed, Rocco made a move on the inside near turn one when Leonard and Rocco came together causing a chain reaction with four other trucks involved. Chapman took the lead after the melee between the trucks, Corey Coates overtook Allen Coates for the second position and with just five laps to go and Corey Coates a rookie took the checkered for his first career truck win, Chapman remained in second, Allen Coates third, and Rocco after being put back to the rear of the field came in fourth.

Angelo Belsito and Joey Mucciaeciaro were battling for the top spot in the 20 lap Legends car race when one of the cars got loose and Belisito hit hard just after turn one. Due to the top two being taken out in the first lap Dana Dimatteo took over as leader, but another yellow came out before the lap was complete as Ed Field and three other cars came together. Dimatteo and Troy Talman battled, but Dimatteo was able to keep his position and Alessandro Vitelli took second, with Anthony Flannery came from fifth with point leader Anthony Flannery coming on strong, but Dimatteo fought hard to keep his position, but halfway through the race Flannery pushed Dimatteo up high and Flannery took the lead. Dimatteo able to keep second and Vitelli remaining in third. Lap traffic did play a role with the last five laps, but neither Dimatteo or Vitelli had an answer for Flannery.

Saturday 9/18 Results and standings:

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modifieds® (35-laps): 1. Ron Yuhas Jr, Groton; 2. Keith Rocco, Waillingford; 3. Tucker Reynolds Jr, Westbrook; 4. Joe Perry, Ashaway, RI; 5. Jeff Pearl, Salem; 6. Jim Larsen, East Hartland;7. Nichole Morgillo, Yalesville; 8. Jeffrey Gallup, Agawam, MA; 9. Rob Janovic Jr, Waterford;10. Rich Hammann, Tolland;11. Glenn Pressell III, Gales Ferry; 12. Joe Gada, Salem; 13. Dennis Charette, Southington; 14. Jeffrey Paul, Ledyard; 15. Todd Ceravolo, Gales Ferry; 16. Tyler Chadwick, Ledyard; 17. Kyle James, Ashaway, RI; 18. Dave Gada, Bozrah;19. Doug Coby, Milford; 20. Tom Abele Jr, Norwich; 21. James Monahan, Quaker Hill; 22. Frank Mucciacciaro Jr, Milford.

Standings after 22 events (top-ten): 1. Rocco, 1030; 2. Yuhas, 972; 3. Janovic, 892; 4. Chadwick, 841; 5. Paul, 817; 6. Pearl, 764; 7. Abele, 684; 8. J. Gada, 668; 9. Perry,602; 10. Perry, 590.

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Street Stocks (25-laps): 1. Walt Hovey Jr, Chaplin; 2. Josh Galvin, Franklin; 3. Jack Aquilina, Oakdale; 4. Al Stone III, New Haven; 5. Ed Puleo, Branford; 6. Gregory Moran Jr, Preston; 7.Christopher Meyer, North Franklin; 8. Norman Root Jr, Old Saybrook; 9. Ronald Oldham Jr, Westbrook; 10. Matthew Burr, Quaker Hill; 11. Michael Caprio, New Haven; 12. Paul Coutu, Canterbury; 13. Joey Fernandez, Weymouth, MA;14. Scott Young, Willimantic; 15. Brandon Plemons, Uncasville; 16. Norm Sears, Andoever; 17. Dave Trudeau, Mansfield; 18. Corey Hutchings, Salem; 19. Nate Appell

Standings after 21 events (top-ten): 1. Hovey Jr, 961; 2. Stone III, 944; 3. Puleo, 869; 4. Sears, 828; 5. Plemons, 821; 6. Galvin, 820; 7. Oldham Jr, 671; 8. Moran Jr, 662; 9. Meyer, 643; 10. Appell, 632

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Norwich Bulletin Mini Stocks (25-laps): 1. Bill Leonard, Wood River Jct, RI; 2. Chris Williams, Waterford; 3. Ian Brew, Wood River Jct, RI; 4. Louie Bellisle III, Griswold; 5. Glen Thomas Jr, Groton; 6. Mark Panaroni, Ivortyon; 7. Sean Caron, East Hampton;8.Greg Moran Sr, Preston; 9. Steve Violette, Canterubry;10. Ben Bargnesi, Norwich;11.Charles Canfield, New Haven;12. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford;13. Charles Beal, Ledyard; 14. Christina Kellerman, Stratford;15. Jeffrey M. Cembruch, Wallingford; 16. Dale Sherman, Charleston, RI;17. Alan Hall Jr, North Haven;18. Kenneth Cassidy Jr, Lisbon; 19. Chuck Rogers, Quaker Hill; 20. Danny Field, Deep River

Standings after 21 events (top-ten): 1. Cassidy Jr, 924; 2. D. Field, 911; 3. Caron, 847; 4. Bellisle III, 782; 5. Williams, 755; T-6. Moran Sr, 729; T-6. Brew 729; 7. Violette, 634; 8. Pappacoda, 608; 9. Canfield, 606;10. Panaroni, 543.

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series A.B. CDL Driver Training Center Trucks (25-laps): 1.Corey Coates, Ledyard; 2.Keith Chapman, Mystic; 3. Allen Coates, Ledyard; 4.Keith Rocco, Wallingford; 5. Doug Dunleavy Sr, Bridgewater; 6. Howard Payne, Shelton; 7. James Wray, Mystic; 8. Bill Leonard, Wood River Jct, RI; 9. Brandon Warren, Chicopee, MA;10. Vin Esposito, Seymour; 11. Christopher Correll, Old Lyme.

Standings after nine events (top-ten): 1. A. Coates, 499; 2. Payne, 455; 3. Leonard, 416; 4. C. Coates, 358; 5. Rocco, 314; 6. J. Warren, 236; 7. Chris Correll, 226; 8. Keith Chapman, 212; 9. James Wray, 180; 10. Greg Butler Jr., 126

Legends Cars (20-laps): 1. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 2.Dana Dimatteo, Farmington; 3. Alessandro Vitelli, Woodbridge;4.Troy Talman, Oxford, MA; 5. Joey Mucciaeciaro, Wolcott;6. Brian Spencer, Edison, NJ; 7.Carlo Blandina, Milford; 8.Kyle Rogers, Waterbury; 9.Peter Cirilli, Farmington;10. Silas Hiscock Sr, Bridgehampton, NY; 11. Scott McNickle, Ledyard;12.William Hiscock, Bridgehampton; 13.Joey Campbell, Berlin; 14. Richard Erlandson, Moodus; 15.Angelo Belsito, Auburn, MA; 16. David Garbo, Stonington; 17. Ed Field, Deep River; 18. Stan Carpenter, Auburn, MA; 19. Dylan Izzo, Monroe; 20. Carl Bohn, Wateford.

Legends Saturday Standings: 1. Flannery, 510; 2. Vitelli, 390; 3. D. Dimatteo, 374; 4. Field, 372; 5. Garbo Jr., 318; 6. Giarratana,301; 7. Belsito, 296; 8. Mucciaeciaro, 286; 9. Campbell, 280;10. Rogers, 258

Sources: Waterford Speedbowl PR

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