Engraving Awards and Gifts Rallycross to Kick Off 2011 Racing Season at Stafford Motor Speedway

Stafford Springs, CT — With the colder temperatures beginning to bring snow to the Northeast, Stafford Motor Speedway is gearing up for its first event of its 2011 schedule with the Engraving Awards and Gifts RallyCross and Eastern States RallyCross Challenge Championship on January 15 and 16.

As part of the New England Region SCCA RallyCross season, drivers will participate in two New England Region Championship events as well as the Eastern States RallyCross Challenge Championship over a two-day period. Drivers will be eligible to win SCCA Contingency Awards and they will compete to establish who is the best RallyCross driver in the Northeast.

RallyCross is a timed competition pitting a driver and vehicle against a defined course. Courses are set up on a non-paved surface such as dirt, gravel, or snow, and drivers attempt to make their way through the course as fast as possible. At the end of the event, all of a driver’s times are added together. The total times of each driver within a class are compared and the driver with the lowest cumulative time in each race class is the winner. The Stafford course is setup throughout the vast parking lot at the Speedway with a series of both high and low speed corners.

RallyCross is open to all types of vehicles and drivers. Most drivers race the same car they drive to work each day. Cars must be mechanically sound and have working seat belts and a hard top, and all loose items from the interior and trunk of the vehicle need to be removed for safety. Drivers are required to have a helmet with a rating of Snell 95 or newer. There are several different classes of vehicles, based on the vehicle and modifications made to the vehicle. The classes consist of Stock, Prepared, and Modified in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive groups.

Drivers interested in entering the EAG RallyCross event can log onto http://www.ner.org/rally/rx/event/20110115_stafford where they can download an entry form and find more information about racing in the RallyCross event. Questions can be emailed to Rallyxreg@ner.org or you can call 603-616-1195 for more information.

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at www.staffordspeedway.com.

Sources: Scott Running/Stafford Motor Speedway PR

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