Senior Outlaw Karts Provide Tough Test for Stafford’S CARQUET Champions for Charities Competitors

Stafford Springs, CT — The Wild Thing Kart Series at Stafford Speedway has served as a breeding ground for young racers. Kyle Spencer, Kyle Casagrande, and Cory Casagrande are all products of the series, which just completed its fifth season on the Stafford mini-mile. Austin Bessette, Dylan Kopec, Brandon Michael, and Jesse Ruocco will graduate to the half-mile in 2011 making the Wild Thing Kart Series a stomping ground for Stafford’s stars of tomorrow.

While the youth have proved themselves on the Stafford Mini-Mile, the veteran champions have their opportunity on June 28, 2011 as a part of the 8th Annual CARQUEST Extreme Tuesday event. Champions of the past and present will unite for charity and pilot Sr. Outlaw go-karts on the Mini-Mile in the CARQUEST Champions for Charities race. The Sr. Outlaw division was home to all four Wild Thing Kart Series graduates from 2010 and Dylan Kopec was the 2010 champion. The division is the premier division of the Wild Thing Kart Series; they are the fastest and most competitive in the program.

The Wild Thing Kart Series was created by Wade and Sandy Gagner in 1998 and originally competed at the Pinnacle Speedway in Massachusetts. The series was moved and began competing on the Stafford Mini-Mile in 2006 and has seen tremendous growth. The 2010 season saw an average of 120 karts at the track each week. The series is based off of four divisions divided by age; Cubs, Sprints, Junior Outlaws, and Senior Outlaw with speed and kart size increasing through each division. Each kart is built by Wade Gagner, this guarantees that each kart is built to the same specifications and allows for a level playing field for all drivers.

The Sr. Outlaw is a fully caged go-kart that runs on a single gear drive. They are powered by Briggs and Stratton Animal Motors and they circle the Stafford Mini-Mile in around 16 seconds while reaching top speeds of 55 MPH. The karts do not run any types of springs or shocks, therefore if the driver is not smooth on the wheel, they are in for a very bumpy ride. Also because the karts are propelled by only one gear, momentum is very important and anyone who is too hard on the brakes will be on their way to the back of the pack.

“There will certainly be a competitive spirit in the paddock,” said Mark Arute, Stafford Speedway General Manager. “We all know that these drivers are the best around but they’ll definitely be taking tips from the youngsters that race these karts every week.”

“Sr. Outlaws were a lot of fun but also really challenging,” said Sr. Outlaw graduate and current Dare Stock competitor Kyle Casagrande. “It’s very tough to find the best way around the mini-mile but one thing I learned quick is that your best friend is your front bumper.”

There will be a lot of use of that bumper June 28th, 2011 when the Sr. Outlaws take to the track for the Champions for Charities event. The CARQUEST Champions for Charities race will accompany the ISMA Super Modifieds, NEMA Midgets, and Pro-4 Modifieds during the 8th annual CARQUEST Extreme Tuesday.

Check back to during the first week of January 2011 when participants of the CARQUEST Champions for Charities race are announced along with the charities they will be representing. For more information about the Wild Thing Kart Series and how to get involved please refer to their website or contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783.

Sources: Paul Arute/Stafford Motor Speedway PR

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