RACECARJewelry.com partners with Victoria Bergenty for 2011 Season Adding Bling & Budget to Her SK light Campaign

RACECAR Jewelry Company of Cranston, Rhode Island has singed as an Associate Sponsor of Victoria Bergenty. Support from the jewelry manufacturer will allow the young racer from Plainville, Connecticut to increase her racing commitment while further demonstrating her desire.

Plainville, CT — When it comes to lists of favorite things Daniel Grandi of RACECAR Jewelry and Victoria Bergenty, driver of the #74 SK Light Modified share common interests.

At the top of each list you’ll find Racing and Jewelry. At age thirteen and living in Thailand, Grandi began designing and manufacturing jewelry, while trips to Grand Prix and motorcycle events deepened his racing interests. Today he is still fascinated by both. As for Bergenty, like most young ladies she loves jewelry. Her passion has always been towards racing with the focus towards driving. The family photo album shows a pint-sized Victoria under the family modified, barely-able to hold-up a flashlight, while her dad makes preparations. So when the two met to discuss sponsorship for the 2011 season there was plenty to say.

Bergenty explained, “When Dan and I met before the holidays we each had plenty of questions to ask the other. In the beginning though very few were about jewelry, sales or marketing. Everything was about racing, driving, and racing.”

“I was proud that Dan knew about me,” revealed Bergenty. “His encouragement of my driving and support were great to hear first hand. And for me, seeing the beauty of his work was great. I was overwhelmed and did my best to show my respect in his craft and the attractiveness of his jewelry.”

“It was only after we had talked for awhile that our conversation moved towards sponsorship plans and marketing ideas.”

For Dan Grandi, getting to meet a racer he had only watched on a few occasions was no different than meeting Bugs Stevens or Mike Stefanik years ago.

“I’ve always had great respect for anyone who steps into a race car,” highlighted Grandi. “Those guys are my heroes. I tried driving motorcycles on dirt and jalopy’s long ago and found it wasn’t for me. My respect grows further when that driver demonstrates ability in combination with a great personality. All of that is Victoria.”

“She is a wonderful lady with a great smile, a great laugh and warm demeanor. Meeting her strengthened my belief that she would be a strong addition to our companies marketing plan. RACECAR Jewelry has been a part of my life for over 10 years. We are ready to introduce our products to race fans everywhere and Victoria Bergenty is going to help us do that.”

“Learning her Uncle Bill and Dad were both racers also helped in my decision,” said Grandi. “A lot of drivers say ‘they have racing in their blood.’ But more than just saying, Victoria can prove it. Though I didn’t need much, that was the reassurance I was looking for. It helped me to understand she’s no quitter. I hope to be a sponsor of Victoria for a long time.”

“I’ve been around racing long enough to know the importance of a solid budget,” explained Victoria. “Having RACECAR Jewelry as a sponsor on my #74 is vital to our effort. I have learned quickly that for the most part, a driver’s most anxious time comes when looking for sponsorship and marketing partners. I am really excited about our 2011 season,” she concluded.

RACECAR Jewelry Company is one of the most respected jewelers in the USA. The company is working hard to become the “Go-To House” for race fans wanting earrings, bracelets and necklaces with or without their favorite driver number.

For more information on Victoria Bergenty and RACECAR Jewelry contact:

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