Seekonk NEMA Honors to Cabral

Seekonk, MA — Surviving three restart challenges, Randy Cabral (Bertand 47) won the Northeastern Midget Association’s 25-lap feature at Seekonk Speedway’s Open Wheel Wednesday. It was the first win of the season for Cabral, the fourth winner in the last four NEMA races.

Eventual runner up Jeff Abold (Seymour 29) applied the last restart challenge with six laps remaining. “It was my race to lose at that point,” said Cabral. Starting sixth, he had led since lap four when he passed Paul Scally (Scally 30) in the front shoot.

Cabral, who is “always nervous about restarts” got away from Scally (lap seven) and Jeremy Frankoski (lap 10) earlier.

Greg Stoehr (Stoehr 26b) edged Frankoski (Cantor 7ny) for third with point leader Russ Stoehr (Dumo’s Desire 45) fifth.

[Photo Gallery] by Nicholas Teto

Abold passed Frankoski shortly after the second restart and had followed Cabral for eight laps before the final yellow.”I was thinking we had something for him on a restart, that it was our best chance,” said Abold. He added “at the point we were in very similar cars.”

“He [Abold] likes to go early,” explained Cabral. “I saw him start to go so I guess I went a little early too.” A three-time Seekonk winner, Abold did make a serious inside challenge heading into one (“he showed me the nose”) before Cabral grabbed a four car length advantage and went on to win with a 0.741 advantage.

“We’re trying to keep it consistent,” said Greg Stoehr who came from 12th. “We just hung in there.” Sitting seventh at the second restart, he got third with three laps left. Greg has emerged as the top contender to brother Russ’ championship hopes.

“The way it started, I didn’t think it would go this way,” said Cabral, adding “we chased the car all day. It wasn’t really good until the heat.” He called a ride in the Pro-4 “a calming influence.” Cabral’s 11.256 in his heat was the fastest competitive lap of the night. He also had the fastest feature lap (11.327).

NEMA heads to Waterford Speedbowl Saturday July 30 for the second annual Shane Hammond Memorial.

Results: 1. Randy Cabral, 2. Jeff Abold, 3. Greg Stoehr, 4. Jeremy Frankoski 5. Russ Stoehr, 6. Mike Horn, 7. Keith Botelho, 8. Chris Leonard, 9. Todd Bertrand, 10. Ben Seitz, 11. Barry Kittredge, 12. Lee Bundy, 13. Anthony Nocella, 14. Paul Scally, 15. John Zych Jr., 16. Jesse State, 17. Chris deRitis.

Sources: Pete Zanardi/NEMA PR