NEMA Announces VIP Fan Initiative as Part of 2012 Market Expansion

Brockton, MA — When the Northeastern Midget Association membership met in November of 2011 they were vocal about a need to connect with their fans. Following through with this desire, the drivers and owners have established a presence on the Northeastern Midget Association Facebook fan page, and Facebook open group.

NEMA’s membership saw this as a perfect opportunity to interact with their fans, and it is paying off. Fans can talk to most of the drivers in the series simply by posting questions and comments, with the response from drivers coming back sometimes in minutes. Membership in the open group has grown over 100 percent since this concerted effort was endorsed by NEMA membership in December. The group has gone from about 150 to well over 400 in a few short weeks.

With this great response from the fans, the membership wishes to take their new relationships one step further. With that, NEMA is going to implement their Facebook VIP Fan of the Race. Each week on Monday, we will pick one fan *two weeks* before each NEMA race from our Facebook fan page, or Facebook open group to be our guest at the races. NEMA will supply them with a pit pass, give them a VIP tour of the pits, allow them to work with a few teams during the day as a special crew member, as well as participate in other activities during the race day. These activities can include riding in an official push vehicle, dropping the checkered flag on NEMA’s famed four wide salute, standing in victory lane with the winning teams and other VIP’s for that particular race event. NEMA members realize the need to reach out to their fans, and are excited to give one fan a race the time of their lives.

In order to become the Facebook VIP Fan of the Race all you have to do is like the Northeastern Midget Association fan page, or join the open group and be sure to participate. On the winning Monday a post will be made on both sites and the fan with the best response will be selected to become the VIP fan.

The winning fan will be notified via message on Facebook and given the details of where to pick up their pit passes and what time to meet us at the event.

Stay tuned for an exciting 2012!

Sources: Tim Bertrand/NEMA PR

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